How To Contact The Embassy

-When sending an email,state your phone number.
-Do not call and ask about your application if you already asked us using the email.
-If the application is missing,the person will be contacted,unless there is no contact details,the application will be returned as is.

How To Pay the Fees?

-Application fees should be transferred to our bank account: Embassy of Lebanon 1106116 (attach a recite of the payment)

-Post fees/stamps should be send with the application.

How To Send A Post Mail?

-While sending any application to the embassy,write down your name and full address on an envelope along with the needed stamps and your phone number.

How Long Does An Application Take?

-We cannot predict the time of any application done at the embassy.When its done,the person will be contacted .
-Please Do not Call and ask about application time,we cannot give such information.

How To Legalize A Document

-All power of attorneys, persunbevis and certificates sent to the embassy to be signed,should be sent original plus copies.
-The embassy is able to sign after the legalization of a notary public and the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (legalization department)

How To Get Visa for EU Citizens?

-A visa for an EU citizen could be issued directly at the airport,or applied for here at the embassy.

How To Organize A Power Of Attorney?

-Fill the Form from the website
-Choose the Text Of the Power OF Attorney
-Legalize the Power Of attorney from the Notary Public and From The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
-attach the needed Id’s copies along with the fees and send it to the embassy.

How To Renew Your Passport

-In Order To renew the Lebanese passport,you need to apply for a new one as well(restrictions may apply)

Travel Document Holder

-Entering Lebanon:
previous authorization granted by the directorate of the general security from Lebanon is needed.

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