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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How To Apply for Passport

    Lebanese Passports and Palestinian Travel Documents application can be received either by post or in person. You can check more info in arabic by following the below links  Lebanese Passport Palestinian Travel Document Travel Document issued in Scandinavia  Entering Lebanon is not permitted for holders of this kind of passports  You can check the notice by clicking here : Notice.

  • How To Organize A Power Of Attorney?

    Fill the Form from the website Choose one of the Templates attached on our page ( feel free to modify it ) and fill it. Legalize the Power Of attorney from the Notary Public ( all the names should be mentioned and stamped) Stamp the document from The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs from the issuance country Attach copies of proof (id or passport) for all the names mentioned in the document. Transfer the fees to the embassy bank account. You can check more info in arabic by following the below links  Power of Attorney

  • How To Get Visa for EU Citizens?

    A visa for  EU citizens could be granted directly at the airport for one month only. Can be renewed twice for a total of three months. Other wise,a visa application can be sent to the embassy in order to get a longer period.

  • How To Legalize A Document

    All documents should be stamped first from the ministry of foreign affairs of the issuance country . (power of attorneys and school certifications requires an additional step : stamp from notary public )  Send the document to be legalized and attach a full copy as well. Please check the 2 below links: https://www.lebanonembassy.se/requirements/ https://www.lebanonembassy.se/legalization/

  • How Long Does An Application Take?

    Time estimation ( after receiving the complete application) Passports and Travel documents : 3 months Vital Event Applications : 3-4 months Legalization : 5 working days

  • How To Send A Post Mail?

    When sending any application to the embassy please attach the following: Full name Envelope with the needed stamps to return the application  Email and phone number

  • How To Pay the Fees?

    Application and Postage fees should be transferred to our bank account ( a copy of the transaction should be attached along with the application ) Bank Name: SEB Account Name: EMBASSY OF LEBANON Account Number: 1106116 Clearing Number: 5277 Iban Acc.No. SE32 5000 0000 0527 7110 6116 Bic Code (Swift for SEB) ESSESESS

  • How To Contact The Embassy

    You can reach the embassy either by calling us on : +46(0)840 936 703 and +46(0)840 936 704 between 9:30 and 13:00 or by sending us an email  In case you need to attach a document , send it to : info@lebanonembassy.se