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Journalists and media are welcome to contact the Embassy’s function for press and information.

Swedish media reaches hundreds of readers, listeners and online and television audiences every day. For us it is an important tool for increasing the knowledge about Lebanon and promoting Lebanon culture and interests in Sweden.

The Embassy works closely together with a number of Swedish newspapers, magazines and TV-stations in order to share our Lebanese experiences and views in different areas. We regularly offer interviews with Lebanese representatives. Furthermore, we assist Swedish journalists visiting Lebanon with interview programs as well as ideas and suggestions about possible stories.

The Embassy also supports Lebanese journalists in Sweden with information and services. We can for example assist with background briefings and contacts with authorities in Sweden.

An important part of the Embassy’s mission is to cover and report about the media situation and the freedom of speech in Sweden.

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Press contacts

Mr. Mohamad Assaad
Tel : +46 8 6651961      Fax: +46 8 6626824